June 3, 2013

Chrome-like Firefox, Android Competitors and Windows 8.1

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1. Firefox
The clock is ticking to the time when people will say that Firefox is copying Chrome. Yes, the Australis tabs user interface project is now in full swing, and scheduled for completion in Firefox 25, due in October 2013. Read the details at TechCrunch. 

2. New Phone Operating Systems: Firefox OS, Jolla's Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch.

As if iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10 weren't enough, the people at Mozilla, Jolla and Ubuntu believe that there's room for more alternate OSs in the market.

FIREFOX OS: Geeksphone has launched two phones based on Firefox OS - Keon and Peak - and word has it that a Firefox tablet will be launched today.

JOLLA/SAILFISH: Jolla, home to a group of ex-Nokia employees who previously worked on the Nokia N9, has launched its first phone based on Sailfish OS. It's called ... Jolla.

Ubuntu for phones
UBUNTU TOUCH: The Ubuntu operating system is coming to tablets and phones. There's a developer preview, but no hardware's available yet - developers have just 'dogfooded' the OS - or in other words, made sure that developers can use it as their primary phones.

From thetechblock.com

3. CONFIRMED: Windows 8.1 (and the Start button) is coming to town - as a free upgrade for Windows 8 users.

 4. Intel's new generation of power-efficient processors is launched. Get the details.


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